ABC Kindergarten

Choosing God's Way to Learn and Play


When trying to figure out which class your child needs to be placed in, remember that we are a school. Because we are a school, we use the same birthday cut off as public school, that date is September 1st.

3 year olds

We offer three different classes for our 3 year olds. 

2 day class- Tuesday and Thursdays

3 day class- Monday, Wednesday, Friday

*days of the week are not optional 

                                        Monthly Tuition is:

                                        2 day- $195

                                        3 day- $215


4 year olds

Our 4 year old program is five days a week. We are a preschool and our curriculum is on a kindergarten level. 

Monthly Tuition is $245

5 year olds

Our Kindergarten program is five days a week. Our curriculum is advanced kindergarten/ early first grade level. 

Monthly Tuition is $245